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Red Wines

  • Norton 05
    NORTON-2011 ….. $12.00
    Dry wine with some oak   Sold Out

Norton 05 NORTON-2012……..$13.00
Dry, nicely balanced young wine with an oak component.  2015 PA Farm Show Bronze Award

  • Merlot 06

    MERLOT-2011 …. $12.00
    Pleasant & peppery, touch of Norton & Zinfandel
  • JubilationJUBILATION …. $11.00
    The Norton grape provides the foundation for this semi-dry red wine which is partnered with other varieties.  
  • Black Creek RedBLACK CREEK RED …. $9.00
    Plenty of fruit flavors derived primarily from the foxy old American stand-by, Concord
  • Blushing Bettie BLUSHING BETTIE …. $11.00
    Primarily Vidal plus a splash of Norton. Bettie is sweet! Our version of a White Zinfandel!
  • Desire
    DESIRE …. $11.00
    Two of our most versatile wines (Norton and Vignoles) were used to create this sweet red wine.
  • Orchard Blush
    ORCHARD BLUSH …. $11.00 Niagara and Fredonia grape blend, light, sweet and fruity. 2015 PA Farm Show Silver Award
  • Rumble seat red
    RUMBLE SEAT RED …. $12.00
    A combination of Cayuga and Niagara grapes – nicely sweet.  2015 PA Farm Show Silver Award
  • Rico Suave
    RICO SUAVE …. 375ML …. $10.00 750 ML …. $18.50
    Our “port style wine”. Rich, smooth and sweet. 20% alcohol

White Wines

  • Chardonnay
    CHARDONNAY …. $11.00
    Not a left-coast knock-off, but a pleasant, fruity Chardonnay experience. Naked and dry.
  • Riesling
    RIESLING …. $11.00
    Light bodied balance of fruit and mineral flavors. Nearly dry and goes well with fish, pork, and even Thai and Chinese cuisine.
  • Vidal
    VIDAL …. $10.00
    An off-dry light varietal white wine
  • Black Creek White
    BLACK CREEK WHITE …. $9.00
    The Niagara grape is the primary source of fruitiness in this semi-sweet white wine.
  • Cayuga
    CAYUGA …. $9.00
    A semi-sweet varietal white wine, light and smooth
  • Seyval Blanc
    SEYVAL BLANC …. $10.00
    This wine is lightly oaked, semi-sweet, medium body, lightly acidic.
  • Vignoles
    VIGNOLES …. $10.00
    A light, fruity white varietal with a sweet finish.
  • Sinful Sadie
    SINFUL SADIE …. $11.00
    A sinfully sweet marriage of Cayuga and Vignoles.

Fruit Wines

  • Apple
    APPLE …. $8.00
    A fresh clean semi-sweet pleaser with light apple flavor.
  • Blackberry Wine
    BLACKBERRY …. $10.00
    Full-bodied, moderately sweet, made from 100% blackberries.     Sold out
  • Blueberry Wine
    BLUEBERRY …. $12.00
    A wonderfully fruity wine made from 100% blueberries.
  • Jalapeno
    JALAPENO-APPLE…375ML …. $7.00
    Totally off the wall, also works well for cooking. Apple wine with a “bite”!
  • Peach
    PEACH …. $9.00
    A blend of several peach varieties, semi-sweet Sold Out
  • Pear
    PEAR …. $10.00
    A semi sweet blend of several pear varieties.
  • Plumb
    PLUM …. $9.00
    A mix of plum varieties from Early Golden to Santa Rosa; sweet.
  • Raspberry Wine
    RASPBERRY …. $13.00
    A combination of red & black raspberries, sinfully sweet. 2015 PA Farm Show Bronze Award
  • Strawberry
    STRAWBERRY …. $9.00 A semi-sweet “Strawberry Blonde” version.

NORTON 2012- Reserve  $17.50… ..
aged a full year in oak barrels

NORTON 2013…$12.00…..Nicely balanced for a young dry wine
TERRY’S TEMPTATION….$11.00..Blend of our Norton and Blueberry wines, semi-sweet

OLD VINE ZINFANDEL 2011….$14.00…….Off-dry from California grapes

OLD VINE ZINFANDEL  2012…….$13.00…Our driest version of this full bodied wine
MOSCATO 2013……$10.00....We used our Muscat grapes to make this slightly sweet crisp, often requested wine

ELDERBERRY…..$13.00…Semi-dry, tastes like eating fresh elderberries.
CHERRY……$10.00 ..Semi-sweet, bursting with flavor from Morello cherries  Sold Out
CENTURY RED……$10.00….Semi-sweet, blend of Norton and Marquette grapes
TRAMINETTE.……..$11.00…..Semi-sweet white wine, nice blend of sweetness and acid Sold Out

5%Discount for a half case (6 bottles)

10% Discount for a case (12 bottles) or more

Gift Certificates always available
Wine Gift Baskets, Personalized Wine Labels for gift giving and weddings.
Call for details 570-739-4418.

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Restaurants offering our wine:

* THE COUNTRY RESTAURANT - 1305 Long Run Rd, Friedensburg, PA 570-739-0008

* GREYSTONE RESTAURANT - 315 N. Centre St, Pottsville, PA 570-628-4220

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